“The Mechanism that Facilitates the Shipment and Maintenance of Special Vehicles”

Vehicle Lifting and Loading System

Vehicle lift is one of our special design projects. This product, which we have designed with a customer focus, can be used as a vehicle repair lift if desired, as well as for taking the vehicle to a truck or transport vehicle. In this project, which we brought specially for our customer, there was the idea of getting the vehicle on and off the transport vehicle at the first stage. While our project work is progressing in this direction, can we get a repair lift from our customer later on? came the question. This question got us excited. The answer was of course yes. The design has changed shape and turned into a more comprehensive system.

Vehicle Lifting and Loading System

Now, we had a perfect system that lifted a 2500 kg – 3000 kg vehicle and loaded it into the transport vehicle and truck, which turned into a repair lift when desired, and when it folded up and took the road position, it looked like a part of the truck.


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