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Truck-Mounted Boom Hydraulic Cranes

On-Vehicle Human Lift Platforms

Fully Foldable Crane

“Mechanism that Facilitates Product Shipment”

Vehicle Rear Loading Lift

The behind-the-back loading lift makes it much easier to safely load and unload shipping products to truck and van-style vehicles, providing cost efficiency, flexibility and a high level of operating comfort for users.

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Our Application Areas


Our comprehensive product portfolio allows you to cover a vast variety of transport and logistics needs. Heavy-duty cranes make it easy and safe for you to transport everything from heavy load cargo to containers and of course also fast-moving consumer goods.


No matter if you work in hydraulic engineering, mining or machinery building, you can rely on our bespoke products for the most challenging industry segments.


No matter if you work in structural or civil engineering, masonry or road construction – our cranes, hook- and skiploaders, truck mounted forklifts and tail lifts offer high-quality solutions for your work requirements.

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